Yield Management in Healthcare

Yield Management in Healthcare is a strategic approach to optimizing the use of limited healthcare resources, such as hospital beds, operating rooms, and medical equipment, to maximize revenue and patient satisfaction. It involves looking at data about what patients want, what resources are available, and how much they cost so that decisions can be made about how to use and schedule resources.

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Unlocking Savings with RFIDs: A Strategic Approach to Hospital Inventory Management

May 18, 2023

"An assessment of technology-based service encounters & network security on the e-health care systems of medical centers in Taiwan"

This research was conducted by Hsin Hsin Chang and Ching Sheng Chang. It was published in the journal BMC Health Services Research. The study assesses how to utilize information technology to reduce workload for staff and improve work efficiency and healthcare service quality, which is a key aspect of yield management in healthcare.

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