Digital Detox Services in Healthcare

Digital Detox Services provide programs and interventions designed to help individuals reduce their digital device usage and exposure to digital screens. This market has emerged in response to the increasing amount of time people spend on digital devices and the negative impact this can have on mental and physical health, including disrupted sleep patterns, eye strain, and reduced face-to-face social interactions. Digital Detox Services might include retreats, workshops, and educational resources that promote activities and lifestyles that encourage taking breaks from digital devices. The goal is to help people manage their digital consumption to improve overall well-being.

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Digital detox: An effective solution in the smartphone era? A systematic literature review

This research found that the effectiveness of digital detox interventions—periods of reduced or no smartphone use to improve well-being and social relationships—is mixed, with studies showing varied results on health, self-control, and performance. It calls for further investigation into the mechanisms behind these interventions to develop more consistently successful digital detox strategies.

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