EHR Social Analytics AI

EHR Social Analytics AI refers to advanced artificial intelligence systems specifically designed to extract and analyze social determinants of health from electronic health records. These tools aid healthcare professionals in identifying crucial social factors — like housing, employment, and transportation — that impact patient health. By integrating these insights into clinical decision-making, hospitals and healthcare providers can enhance patient care and target interventions more effectively, making this an essential component for those looking to augment healthcare delivery with comprehensive patient data analysis.

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Large language models to identify social determinants of health in electronic health records

This research explored the use of fine-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) to extract social determinants of health (SDoH) from electronic health records, focusing on six key areas. The study demonstrated that these models significantly outperformed traditional methods, identifying 93.8% of patients with adverse SDoH, compared to only 2.0% by ICD-10 codes. This underscores the effectiveness of LLMs in enhancing SDoH data extraction and analysis for improved patient care and resource allocation.

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