FemTech in Healthcare

FemTech, short for Female Technology, refers to a category of software, diagnostics, products, and services that use technology to focus on women's health needs. This market includes a wide range of products from menstrual health apps, fertility solutions, pregnancy and nursing care, women's sexual wellness, and reproductive system health care. It is an emerging market that leverages digital platforms, wearables, and personalized data analytics to address health issues specific to the female biological lifecycle. FemTech aims to empower women with tools for informed health and lifestyle choices, offering support and medical care that has traditionally been underserved or stigmatized.

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A Framework for Femtech: Guiding Principles for Developing Digital Reproductive Health Tools in the United States

This research sought to address the significant disparities in reproductive health care in the United States, highlighting the inadequacies faced by people of color and those with preexisting conditions. It proposes principles for femtech development that include community involvement, person-centered frameworks, and a focus on reducing health disparities to promote equity and improve outcomes.

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