Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI)

Ambient Clinical Intelligence is a cutting-edge approach that integrates technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and voice recognition into the clinical environment. This technology can passively listen, comprehend, and analyze interactions between clinicians and patients, automatically generating clinical documentation and offering real-time decision support. ACI can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of patient care by reducing administrative burden and enhancing clinical decision-making.

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"The digital scribe in clinical practice: a scoping review and research agenda"

This research was conducted by Marieke M. Buchem, Hileen Boosman, Martijn P. Bauer, Ilse M. J. Kant, Simone A. Cammel, and Ewout W. Steyerberg. It was published in the journal NPJ Digital Medicine. The study presents a comprehensive review of the current status of the digital scribe in clinical practice and proposes a research agenda for future development.

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