Digital Mental Health Tools

Digital Mental Health Tools (DMHTs) are versatile technologies that improve mental health care by providing comprehensive services in various settings, from homes to schools. By expanding mental health care access and reducing associated stigma, DMHTs facilitate treatment engagement and potentially enhance outcomes through early intervention. Encompassing telepsychiatry platforms to therapy-based mobile apps, DMHTs are instrumental in transforming mental health care delivery.

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New Updates to Level Up Your Healthcare Intelligence

May 22, 2023

"Focusing on Digital Research Priorities for Advancing the Access and Quality of Mental Health"

Authored by John Torous, Nicole M Benson, Keris Myrick, and Gunther Eysenbach, this article addresses the potential of digital mental health solutions in addressing the global mental health crisis. The authors discuss a variety of digital solutions, including computer-based therapy programs, virtual reality headsets, smartphone apps, and large language model chatbots, and their exciting potential to improve mental health. The paper also raises pertinent questions about the equity, validity, effectiveness, implementability, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of these emerging digital tools. This publication outlines new research frontiers in this area and introduces a partnership between JMIR Publications and the Society of Digital Psychiatry aimed at furthering these objectives.

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