Telemedicine Platforms

Telemedicine Platforms are digital solutions that facilitate virtual consultations and medical services between healthcare providers and patients, enabling remote diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions. Telemedicine can improve access to care, enhance patient satisfaction, and support wellness.

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Using Market Data When Changing Vendors

Apr 28, 2023

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2023 Hospital CEO Survey - Innovation, Regulations, and Pandemic Constraints

Jun 20, 2023

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Virtual Oncology Services Gain Traction

Oct 10, 2023

"Patient satisfaction with telemedicine in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed methods study"

This research was conducted by Alicia Victoria G. Noceda, Lianne Margot M. Acierto, Morvenn Chaimek C. Bertiz, David Emmanuel H. Dionisio, Chelsea Beatrice L. Laurito, Girrard Alphonse T. Sanchez, and Arianna Maever Loreche. It was published in the journal BMC Health Services Research. The study explores patient perspectives and experiences with telemedicine services, and explores the factors that influence telemedicine use and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Telemedicine platform for health assessment remotely by an integrated nanoarchitectonics FePS_3/rGO and Ti_3C_2-based wearable device"

This research was conducted by Jayraj V. Vaghasiya, Carmen C. Mayorga-Martinez, and Martin Pumera. It was published in the journal npj Flexible Electronics. The study develops a remote health monitoring system by integrating a stretchable asymmetric supercapacitor as a portable power source with sensors that can monitor the human physical health condition in real-time and remotely.

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