Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital Therapeutics is an emerging field that employs digital technologies, such as mobile applications, wearable devices, and software platforms, to treat, manage, and prevent chronic diseases and mental health disorders. By providing personalized, evidence-based interventions, Digital Therapeutics can supplement or even replace conventional therapies, empowering patients to take charge of their health and enhancing their quality of life.

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"Implementation and workflow strategies for integrating digital therapeutics for alcohol use disorders into primary care: a qualitative study"

This research was conducted by Jessica M. Mogk, Theresa E. Matson, Ryan M. Caldeiro, Angela M. Garza Mcwethy, Tara Beatty, Brandie C. Sevey, Clarissa W. Hsu, and Joseph E. Glass. It was published in the journal Addiction Science & Clinical Practice. The study provides insights regarding the best ways to implement app-based treatments for alcohol use disorder (AUD) in primary care.

"Digital therapeutics in neurology"

This research was conducted by G. Abbadessa, F. Brigo, M. Clerico, S. De Mercanti, F. Trojsi, G. Tedeschi, S. Bonavita, and L. Lavorgna. It was published in the Journal of Neurology. The study provides an overview of digital therapeutics in the care of patients with neurological dysfunctions.

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