Medical Device Connectivity Solutions

Medical Device Connectivity Solutions make it easy for medical devices and healthcare IT systems, like Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSSs), to share information without any problems. These solutions improve data accuracy, streamline workflows, and support informed clinical decision-making.

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"AI-big data analytics for building automation and management systems: a survey, actual challenges and future perspectives"

Researchers were Yassine Himeur, Mariam Elnour, Fodil Fadli, Nader Meskin, Ioan Petri, Yacine Rezgui, Faycal Bensaali, and Abbes Amira. This paper presents a comprehensive systematic survey on using AI-big data analytics in building automation and management systems. It covers various AI-based tasks, e.g. load forecasting, water management, indoor environmental quality monitoring, occupancy detection, etc. The paper also discusses current challenges and future perspectives in this field.

"Towards dynamic and heterogeneous social IoT environments"

This paper written by Daniel Flores-Martin, Javier Berrocal, José García-Alonso, and Juan M. Murillo presents a conceptual architecture that improves the proactive collaboration between IoT devices regardless of the protocols developed by their manufacturers. The architecture aims to identify entities in smart environments, describe their features and interfaces, and identify strategies fostering their collaborations. As a result, devices from different manufacturers can communicate to create a collaborative environment in a simple, efficient, and affordable way. The architecture has been evaluated in a real and a simulated environment, to validate its feasibility and efficiency.

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