Medical Device Integration (MDI)

Medical Device Integration (MDI) is the process of connecting medical devices, such as monitors, infusion pumps, and ventilators, to healthcare IT systems, enabling the automatic transfer of patient data into Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or other clinical systems. MDI improves the accuracy of data, makes patients safer, and helps doctors and nurses make better decisions.

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"Terminology integration and inconsistency identification of adverse event terminology for Japanese medical devices using SPARQL"

This research was conducted by Ayako Yagahara and Hideto Yokoi. It was published in the BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making journal. The study aimed to integrate 89 sets of terminologies related to medical device adverse events in Japan and evaluate inconsistencies among them using SPARQL. The authors evaluated six matters of inconsistency, finding that terms that need to be reviewed accounted for about 10% or less in each item. The study concluded that RDF and SPARQL were useful tools to explore inconsistencies of hierarchies, definition statements, and synonyms when integrating terminology by term notation, and these had the advantage of reducing the physical and time burden.

"A pragmatic approach towards safe and secure medical device integration"

This research was conducted by Christoph Woskowski. It was published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series. The study discusses a pragmatic risk-based approach to handle integration problems in the medical device sector, focusing on future development challenges. The author addresses the issues of proprietary communication and control solutions when connecting devices to interact, and the reliance of modern hospitals on highly available critical medical devices providing and sharing data, as well as the need for confidentiality and integrity of vitally important information. The background of this paper is a project for defining a safe and secure integration interface that enables monitoring and remote control of a critical medical device.

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