Workforce Analytics in Healthcare

Workforce Analytics in Healthcare is the use of data-driven insights and advanced analytical techniques to optimize workforce planning, management, and performance. This method helps healthcare organizations make smart choices about staffing, employee engagement, productivity, and talent development. This, in turn, improves the quality of care for patients and the efficiency of operations.

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"Using modeling and scenario analysis to support evidence-based health workforce strategic planning in Malawi"

This research was conducted by Leslie Berman, Margaret L. Prust, Agnes Maungena Mononga, Patrick Boko, Macfarlane Magombo, Mihereteab Teshome, Levison Nkhoma, Grace Namaganda, Duff Msukwa, and Andrews Gunda. It was published in the journal Human Resources for Health. The study presents a data-driven approach to designing strategies for human resources for health in Malawi.

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