Utilization Management

Utilization Management is a systematic approach to evaluating the appropriateness, necessity, and efficiency of healthcare services, such as diagnostic tests, treatments, and hospital admissions. It aims to ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time while minimizing overuse, underuse, and misuse of resources.

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Using Market Data When Changing Vendors

Apr 28, 2023

"Strategies for utilisation management of hospital services: a systematic review of interventions"

This research was conducted by Leila Doshmangir, Roghayeh Khabiri, Hossein Jabbari, Morteza Arab-Zozani, Edris Kakemam, and Vladimir Sergeevich Gordeev. It was published in the journal Globalization and Health. The study systematically reviews strategies aimed at managing the utilization of hospital services and reducing unnecessary hospital use among the general adult population.

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