Telehealth Access Solutions

Telehealth Access Solutions are a suite of digital tools and services that enable remote healthcare delivery, particularly for underserved communities. They typically include the provision of communication devices and internet connectivity, aimed at connecting patients with healthcare providers for telemedicine services, enhancing accessibility, and promoting equitable healthcare.

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Telehealth as a Tool to Improve Access and Reduce No-Show Rates in a Large Safety-Net Population in the USA

This research, conducted at Parkland Health between March 2020 and June 2022, demonstrated that telehealth visits significantly reduced the likelihood of missed appointments, with a 29% lower odds of no-shows compared to face-to-face encounters. Particularly notable was the greater impact of telehealth in reducing no-shows among patients of Black race and those living in highly socially vulnerable areas, suggesting that telehealth may be a valuable tool in improving access to care for socially complex patient populations.

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