1-2-3 Model for Patient Engagement

The 1-2-3 Model for Patient Engagement is a framework that highlights three essential components for effective patient engagement in healthcare: (1) providing relevant and timely information, (2) fostering open communication and shared decision-making, and (3) supporting patient self-management. By focusing on these key points, healthcare organizations can give patients the tools they need to take an active role in their care and improve outcomes overall.

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Maximizing Patient Engagement with Third-Party Partnerships: A 1-2-3 Model Approach

May 1, 2023

"Hospital capacity for patient engagement in planning and improving health services: a cross-sectional survey"

This research was conducted by A. R. Gagliardi, J. P. D. Martinez, G. R. Baker, L. Moody, K. Scane, R. Urquhart, and W. P. Wodchis. It was published in the journal BMC Health Services Research.

"Assessing the Financial Value of Patient Engagement: A Quantitative Approach from CTTI’s Patient Groups and Clinical Trials Project"

This study was carried out by B. Levitan, K. Getz, E. L. Eisenstein, M. Goldberg, M. Harker, S. Hesterlee, B. Patrick-Lake, J. N. Roberts, and J. DiMasi. It was published in the journal Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS).

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