Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services enable the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information through telecommunication technologies, such as video conferencing, remote monitoring, and mobile health applications. Telehealth can give more people access to care, lower healthcare costs, improve patient satisfaction and health, and make care easier and more flexible.

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Using Market Data When Changing Vendors

Apr 28, 2023

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Telehealth Policy Changes after the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: What You Need to Know

May 10, 2023

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2023 Hospital CEO Survey - Innovation, Regulations, and Pandemic Constraints

Jun 20, 2023

"A scoping review of applications of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) to telehealth service implementation initiatives"

This research was conducted by Pavani Rangachari, Swapandeep S. Mushiana, and Krista Herbert. It was published in the journal BMC Health Services Research. The study reviews the applications of the CFIR to telehealth service implementation, providing insights into the determinants of implementation-effectiveness of telehealth services.

"Managing innovation: a qualitative study on the implementation of telehealth services in rural emergency departments"

This research was conducted by Mochamad Muska Nataliansyah, Kimberly A. S. Merchant, James A. Croker, Xi Zhu, Nicholas M. Mohr, James P. Marcin, Hicham Rahmouni, and Marcia M. Ward. It was published in the journal BMC Health Services Research. The study explores the experiences of U.S. healthcare systems in implementing telehealth services in rural emergency departments and analyzes factors influencing its implementation and sustainability.

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